SUMENEP – An outbreak of pandemic virus, aka Corona Covid-19 is not a barrier for Sumenep farmers to take measures for the improvement of agricultural production. Head of the Department of Agriculture, Horticulture and Plantation (Dispertahortbun) of Sumenep, Firmanto Arif, said that if this time the farmer has entered a period of harvest for paddy, corn and shallots.
“I am optimistic that the harvest in March-April 2020 will meet the target production plan as part of the guarantee the availability of national food stocks,” says Arif in Sumenep, Madura, East Java, on Tuesday (31/03/20).
Kadis Arif said, the rice harvested area in Sumenep in March 2020 reached 19,157 ha and the rice harvest in April 2020 covering an area of 10,398 hectares. Not only that, Sumenep will also harvest corns in March 2020 and it will be covering an area of 57,332 ha, and in April 2020 covering an area of 41,868 hectares. Besides, shallots is also ready to be harvested for the month of March 2020 covering an area of 425 hectares and in April 2020 there will be an area of 300 ha.
Arif explained Dispertahortbun Sumenep’s concrete measures to prevent the spread Covid-19 as the advice the Ministry of Agriculture is to put up banners to guide farmers in preventing the spread of the virus (Ministry of Agriculture) and to optimize the use of alsintan when doing the activity in the field or during harvest.
“We are very grateful that farmers Sumenep keep the spirit working in his farm although we are by Covid-19. Support facilities and infrastructure such as irrigation, alsintan assistance, harvest and post-harvest handling and the additional allocation of subsidized fertilizer requirement in March 2020 is very helpful “said Arif.
Separately, General Director of Food Crops Ministry of Agriculture, Kelvin said that the Ministry of Agriculture and the government continues to coordinate in order to safeguard food production and the health of the farmers and field officers. It is important that the cultivation and harvesting continue to do so as the current food production Covid-19 virus outbreaks remain elevated.
“Under the direction of the Minister of Agriculture, we ask the farmers and all parties to maintain their health by washing hands, do social distancing and follow the advice of the government. They should keep the spirit of increasing food production in adequate supply for the community,” he said.
In addition to production, Suwandi confirmed that Kementan together the police and local government guarantees farmers a favorable food prices. Kementan encourages affirmative action forces in which authorities to give deterrent effect to persons who deliberately raising prices and hoarding foodstuffs. Directorate of the Ministry of Agriculture food crops will continue to monitor price movements and food stocks throughout the region so that farmers and the public do not need to fret.

Source : Ministry of Agriculture RI