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INAPALM Agro-Innovation Challenge 2018

INAPALM Agro – Innovation Challenge (IAIC 2018)
25 -27 July 2018
Theme “ Innovation for Sustainable Oil Palm and Agroindustry”


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Palm oil is one of the largest agricultural commodities in the regions of Indonesia. More than 70% of total production is exported to the international markets such as Europe, India, China, USA and others. The needs of the global market make Indonesia palm oil sector contribute revenues of the country more than 15 billion dollars per year. Palm industrial agriculture also becomes a source of living of 4 million families consisting of farmers and landlords. Moreover, the sector also contributes to 16 million workers’ families indirectly. In order to increase the production capacity, the Indonesian government is targeting 40 million tons until 2020.

On the other hand, Indonesian people also concern about various negative effects associated with the expansion of oil development. Natural forest damage, reduced biodiversity, forest fires and the emission of greenhouse gases are a series of problems that often occur. Troubles in the production process to get the best results are also faced by factories of processing palm oil in Indonesia.

Based on this case,  we invite  young students who are the innovators of Indonesia to provide solutions and real contribution to the development of the palm oil which is environmentally friendly, efficient and sustainable through a competition entitled “INAPALM Agro-Innovation Challenge 2018” with the theme “ Innovation for Sustainable Oil Palm and Agroindustry “.

Important Dates :

* Registration and Paper submission                                         20 April – 25 May 2018

* First Round of Screening Semifinalis                                       30 May 2018

* Manufacture of Prototype & Social Media publication              1 – 30 June 2018

* Announcement of Top 5 Finalists                                             1 July 2018

* Grand Final & Presentation of Top Five Finalists and             25  – 27 July 2018
   Judgment for the best Innovation